StreetHope New and Used... More than just a thrift store!

About Us

StreetHope New and Used is much more than a thrift store as we work WITH the community!


 We provide affordable items in clean and good condition, which helps support our recovery home for men with addicitons here in Chilliwack!


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We started out by taking over a recovery home for men with addictions here in Chilliwack.  Having no govermnent funding we began holding our own yard sales to support ourselves.  Donations began pouring in, the city shut down our yard sales and we found a retail space where the landlord was nice enough to let us rent month-by-month.  The recovery home is doing real well and our store is now almost a year strong!!!

LOCATION:  8982 Young Road (corner 5th) in Chilliwack

HOURS OF OPERATION:  Tuesday 10-5:30 / Wednesday 10-5 / Thursday & Friday 10-5:30 / Saturday 10-5 // CLOSED SUNDAY & MONDAY

DONATIONS GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED DURING BUSINESS HOURS (sorry but we opted out of electronics)  TEL: John @ 604-832-8884




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